Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A $5 Cartoon Car

This is my latest 3D model that I am selling on TurboSquid. I made it a couple months ago as a test... it is one of the first cars I have made on Blender.
I modeled the tires using Andrew Price's Wheel Tutorial I started the car by modeling a normal sized car. Then I decided I wanted to turn It into a dune buggy. That didn't work out so I squeezed it up in frustration. At that instant I thought it looked pretty cool - so I unparented the wheels to remove the squeezed shape and scaled them to the size I wanted them to be and turned it into the nice little car you see right now.
So I give you one tip, don't throw out your old models. It may be frustrating, but leave them for awhile and come back to them later. Make a folder called something like "Old Models" and clean it out every once and a while. You may find some treasures in it.
Please share your thoughts.

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