Monday, April 4, 2011

10 Ways to Make Your Render Look More Realistic

"Drat, that just looks incorrect. But the model is right! Whats wrong?"
Have you ever found you self saying this? I have it happen all the time. Its really hurts when you look at it and it just doesn't feel right. Well here are a list of things that I do that sometimes help make your model better.
  1. Bevel all sharp edges in your model.
  2. Make sure your model or scene is well lit and turn on ambient occlusion(In the world panel).
  3. Don't make colors pure white or pure black(I know I mention this a lot but its very true and adds a small touch of realism).
  4. If something is reflective don't make it completely reflective(add a slight blur or fuzziness to it - turn down the gloss)
  5. If you need to light all sides of an object, use indirect light and/or environment lighting.
  6. If the model doesn't look right just check it against a reference image.
  7. For interior renders use an external render engine or watch a tutorial(Greg Zaal has a very good one at blender nerd)
  8. Make blurry shadows and turn up samples(Soft Size in Lamp settings)
  9. For human skin turn on SSS(Sub Surf Scattering)
  10. Add textures for everything(If its one plain color add a texture for the Specular intensity)
Hope it helps!

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