Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

Happy new year! In this tutorial you will make the text, the champagne and the flares.

Skill: Medium

1) Open Blender, delete the default cube then SPACE>Mesh>Text. Press TAB to go into Edit Mode. Change the text to "HAPPY NEW"(now this will seem a little strange but you will see why it makes sense a little bit).

2) If you want to change the font, click the Load button left of in the Font Panel and select the font you want. Change the extrude to .1.

3) Duplicate the text with SHIFT-D Move it to the right but don't move it down. Press TAB to go into edit mode and change the text to "YEAR".

 4) Select HAPPY NEW and rotate it a little so it looks like its leaning on YEAR.
5) In the Materials panel change the text color to white and add a slight emit(about .2). Select the other text object and set its Material to the one you just made.

6) Now for the flare(I know you been waiting). Add a plane, go into edit mode and delete three of the verts. 
7) TAB out and center the object. Go into the material panel and click Add New then select halo.

8) Click RINGS, STAR, and set the size to 2.5. Position the flare behind the Text. Now render and you will get something like this:
9) To make the champagne glass start by adding a plane. TAB into edit mode and CTRL-click to add a new vertex. Make a basic half-outline of a champagne glass by CTRL-clicking or extruding(E).

10) Go to top view(NUMPAD-7) and put the cursor at the inside edge of the glass and click spin(in the MESH TOOLS panel) and press W>Remove Doubles.

11)  If you rotate around the object you will see you have a very rough champagne glass shape. Add a Subsurf modifier in the Modifiers panel of the Edit section.
12) Scale down your glass and move it on top of the R in YEAR. Save your file(Save early save often.)
13) For the Glass Material, go into the Material panel and add a new material and go to the Ray-Transp panel. Set the IOR to 3.0 and set the Fresnel to 3.0.
14) Select your glass, TAB into edit mode and select the inside middle vertex. Press CTRL-+ until you reach the point that you want the fluid to go to.

15) Duplicate the selection and press P to make the selection a new object. Extrude the top ring and scale it in to 0.

16) Go to the Material panel, delete the old Material and add a new one. Make it a champagne color.

17) If you render it now you will get some thing like this:

18) The champagne itself very dark. To fix it go into the Material Panel and in the Shaders Tab click TraShado (Transparent Shadow enable). And add a .4 Emit value. Add a lamp directly above the champagne.

19) Now render and you will get:

20) Now duplicate the flare in the background and position it on the rim of the glass. Make the Material a single user(by clicking the 2 by the name of the material)and set it to the following values:

21) Go to the world settings and set its HEX color to #0681AC

22) Click the Amb Occ tab and select Ambient Occlusion.

23) Add a ground Plane and scale it up. Go into the Material Panel and in the Shader tab click OnlySha(Only Shadow).

24) Hit F12 and you will see your lovely render:

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