Monday, November 15, 2010

Learn the Basics of Blender's Game Engine

I like video games a lot. But Making them is almost as fun! In this tutorial, I'm going to teach you how to do some basic things with Blenders Bullet Game Engine(The Bullet Game Engine is just the physics of a game).

Skill: Easy

1. Open Blender.
2. Press the little icon in on the panel that looks like Pac-Man(Highlighted it in red).

3. Click the Add button(the X button deletes the current sensor).

4. Click the Add buttons for the next two sections, then click and drag the line to the next connecter for each section.

5. On the act motion, set the value box to 0.10.

6. Press the button on the keyboard - you will see your cube move across the screen.

7. In the act motion set the rot box to 0.10; Press your cube will spin and move across the screen.

8. Select the sensor that you just made and on the drop down menu and select the Keyboard sensor type.

9. Click the box (beside the label marked Key) and press a button on your keyboard(I choose the left control button).

10. Press the button and then press the left control (or whatever button you chose) and your cube will respond.

Great you made it through! Try messing around with the other sensors.

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