Friday, October 29, 2010

A $7 Chess Set

This is my second model I have made for TurboSquid. I started by making the pawns and then I did all the rest of the pieces except for the knight. The knight was the hardest piece, so I looked at a reference image to help me out. Here is a wireframe of the knight:
As you can see the knight has a lot of polygons. It has the most polygons of all my pieces.

The other hard piece was the king. The hardest part of the king was the little cross on the top, because it had to be sharp whilst the rest of the piece was rounded. Here is a wire render of my king:

In case you want to make a chess set, I'll give you a few tips:
  • Don't make anything completely black, nothing in creation is pure black - make a very dark grey
  • When modeling use a reference image - it helps a lot(I know from experience)
  • Use good lighting - this is good advice for any render, so have a lot of light in your scene
If you have any more advice you want to share, please drop a comment below :)


  1. Very nice chess set. I enjoy seeing you create these 3D models. Nice job on the knight. I always liked animations of chess sets. One of the original marketing materials for Lightwave 3D was of an animated marble chess set. Keep up the good work.

  2. Thanks for sharing this with us! It was very useful! I was wondering if you had any suggestions regarding marble chess set?